Friday, May 7, 2010


Ok so I bought little Emily a pair of shoes from the sweetest person on Etsy and just had to give them some word of mouth advertising! They are all so cute I bought Emily "The Emily" of course but aren't these little "Mikeys" just too cute and adorable as well?? I think so. She and her husband are also both going to school and the Etsy shop helps pay their expenses. Kudos to them with continuing their education to further themselves in this tough world and for coming up with what I think is just the cutest shoe for Emily. I am sure I will be back for more hope you will check her shop out. I am sure you have a little one that could use a pair of these.....perhaps as a baby shower gift? What a unique gift that would be! So go check out BabythingsbyJessica on Etsy !!!

Growing like weeds

I just can not believe how fast she is growing up! She stood up the other day well pulled herself up to a stand with the recliner and she just keeps doing it. She will be a early walker like her big brother. With all the crawling she is starting to lose her pudginess too. That too she is just growing out of her clothes faster then she can even wear them.I know her big brother didn't grow that fast he was always in the size of his age she is already in 12 months!

Speaking of big brother he went to the movies with his friend who just happens to be a girl! yup got himself a little girlfriend they went with 2 other couples to see what else then Date Night. He said it was super funny. While he was out on his "date" Daddy, Emily and I went to Sams Club and El Mezacal our favorite Mexican restaurant! Yum.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

They just keep growing....

Emily just keeps growing up on us. She is finally crawling forward. She had to wait till her Uncle Tommy came up so he could see first hand how big she has become. She went after his feet while he was sitting in the recliner :) so cute. She now has her 2 bottom teeth and she seems like she is waving buh bye at times. This is such a exciting age for her and us too and I will so miss this so much.

Michaels lip is healing well from his skateboard accident. It did show up on his spring pictures but it just tells a story for who he was in 6th grade....
He went to the school dance last Friday and slowed danced with a girl....boy do I feel old now just yesterday he was learning to crawl right???ok that was his sister but I still remember all those milestones for him too and his continue to grow as well. Soon he will be ending school as a 6th grader and moving on to 7th oh my how time flys!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

So on this day of observing the Earth and learning new ways to go green I purchased these new fabric magic cloths at the store. So far so GREAT no cleaners are to be used which is defiantly green! I have been trying so many things lately to get my windows looking crystal clean. I have tried newspaper print for wiping and coffee filters which does help to leave them lint free but not 100% clear in my eyes. I tried a mix of water, vinegar and teaspoon of detergent as I read online worked well but now I am bragging up these cloths. They are all over the place online, ebay, and well I found mine at the local Menards store. All you use is water.....and you can toss in the washer when dirty. Although no fabric softener or fabric sheets are to be used then. So besides using my cloths line and my HE front loading washer to do laundry today these cloths rock! Go Green and Happy Earth Day Everyday!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Smile : )

So yesterday Emily turned 6 months old and to remember this milestone we went and got pictures taken at Cutie Pie Photo. Oh the joys of trying to get a little girl who seldom smiles without her little tongue showing! LOL oh we were laughing and the photographer well she was so understanding and just thought it was a hoot or so she acted. She did mention she never had this problem before great we had to be the this is what happened......We get all ready for the first prop and out pops the tongue she uses the squeeky toys to see if that will work nope still little red tongue and her big bright eyes. Try peek a boo almost works but out with the tongue again OH BOY so she tells me to take my finger and poke the tongue back in she snaps a few then out with the tongue this went on and on through the whole shoot 3 dress changes and props. LOL but some how out of it all we got a few good ones and now its just the matter of picking which ones we want.
So she is rolling all around and knows how to turn so not sure when she will want to learn to crawl since she knows she can get there by rolling. Yesterday Daddy got her to shake her head in mimic of him saying no no I missed out on that.
Still teething but no teeth dang it.

So my son was getting into snowboarding in the backyard at the end of the season. He was doing really good so impressed and think he will just master this sport in a very short period of time. So since the warmer weather has now took all the snow away (YAY) he is on to skateboarding. He broke his one board already the other has seen better days so Dad and I agreed to buy a better board for him and that should be here next week. So he will be able to ride for a few days of his spring break. I have to tell you I had no idea how expensive boys could be. Now he is into the sports and cool clothes mommy is going to have to get her butt in gear and start creating to sell again. Actually I am so itching to scrap for my family and to sell just need to get on a better schedule to I can make it happen.
Thats about it for now till whenever have a good one ;)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Life has Changed Soooooo Much!

Emily Lynn was born Sept 25th and my world has changed. She is just like a chubby cheek porcelain doll. She is a truly blessing after years of trying then losing one to a miscarriage I thought we would never be blessed again. A few more years and I have been.She is already 4 months old in a few days and well although I love her oh so much why am I in tears as I write this.......because I had no idea how hard this would be. I know babies are not easy. I have a son who just turned 12 and also for a few years ran a in-home daycare. Maybe it is that I am older now and was so accustomed to my life??? She has had colic no mistaking that I do believe she has out grown that stage but yet she still cry's and fights naps tooth and nail. I am actually thinking to myself that I need to get a full-time job outside the home just to get that time away everyday to enjoy her most moms that makes no sense I know. To any mom who spends there days with a full hands on baby you just might. I do wish prior to her I did not procrastinate my time away. It amazes me how a little baby has changed me so much in that one aspect of my life. I made to do lists so I would get things done and yet I figured I had time so on to something else. I would start many of projects and never seem to finish them and if I did it too way longer then necessary. Well now I don't take time for granted she cat naps for 20-35 min increments so I rush to get little things done in that time and its frustrating knowing all the time I wasted in the past that I can't get back. My son was so easy yea he did for a while have his nights and days mixed up a bit but you could take him anywhere and he was just so happy. My sweet Emm sleeps very well at night for a 4 month old..... but the cat naps are killing me and when she isn't napping she wants me to hold or watch her be super near her and I have to figure something out to change. I bought the Baby Whisperer solves all your problems so I am starting to read this and get her started on the 4 hour EASY routine so far not going to well. If only she would sleep more then 30 min at a time......ok gotta run she is calling.......

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Been to long since I posted last. Three of my great friends threw me a baby shower so we were cleaning and doing a lot of projects to get ready for that.

Michael is my big 6th grade middle school kid now.....oh where o where does the time go.

and then there is out little stubborn Emily who has made no sign of coming yet. My due date with her is tomorrow will see......