Monday, November 10, 2008


Well I am on the computer enough but yet seem to forget to blog. I have great news! So I made this Haunted House Halloween album. Listed it on Ebay had a few watchers but no sale placed it on Etsy and voila it sold! How cool is that, now payment was a little slow, but hey I got my First SALE!! So on to more good news went on to make a pumpkin album and also listed a Christmas band aid tin and sold both on ebay.

Ok I went up north this past weekend to work on a project for my grandparents 60th anniversary. Talk about going down memory lane. So many pictures so little time. I am really wanting to scrap them all someday but I really do think I will have to get into digital too. I heard this is a lot faster way to scrap and although I could never replace my bumping texture touch feely scrapbooks I do like the way digital has progressed. I did play around with a page the other day having no clue where to begin but have played a lot in my Paint Shop Pro enough to know the basics. I can see getting very addicted to this. Ok I think I will have to post some of these pictures of times past tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tomorrow starts a new month.......

Oct 1st tomorrow. With a new month a new start. Time to get back on track exercising and scrapping. I already planned my menu for dinner for the whole month and shopped for it too so maybe that will free my mind of "whats for dinner?" September brought a lot of fall cleaning and a week long visit with my little niece.

This month I hope brings more of a creative mind which in turn gets my creative fingers moving to create some scrapbook treasures. I also hope it brings on the weight loss too.

I am joining in on a challenge to help someone out, be nice and kind, or do even something good for the environment. This I feel is a very good idea! Thanks Barbie. One thing My Ds and I have noticed is how angry people look all the time when out shopping and about. Why? I know everyone has there bad days but this is more than that. I know times are tough and everyone has their battles of their own they are fighting.......but I sure would love to do something to make more people smile and realize that life is a gift and to live in the "present" because it is just that a present!
Ok thats all for this girl Night Night Lights out.........

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wii Fit

Well I bought myself an early birthday present and sorta a family gift too! I bought the Wii Fit bundle. So it arrived on Thursday and oh it is so fun. I just hope it helps me lose the pounds. Their are so many activities and I am unlocking more as I go too.I saw that Jillian Michaels is coming out with a game in a few months and I might put that on a Christmas wish list.

So tomorrow I turn 35 and my Wii Fit age says I am 45 today ewwwwwwwww I do not like, that it is thinking I am 10 years older then I am. That is going to change I am no longer putting exercise on the bottom of the list. I am done being the fat girl! I just joined that group on and WOW talk about support they rock! ok enough for now going out in the sun, dive in the cold pond and do some laps.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scrappy Soccer Mom

So when did I become the soccer mom? Oh it was a little over 4 years ago. I even drive the minivan which you all know is soccer mobile written all over it. What happened to the days driving around in my little VW convertible? Oh those days seem so long ago. Now don't get me wrong love watching my son play his little heart out. With my love of scrapbooking you know I have my camera in hand too. Of course, I forget it the night he makes the goals, but there will be more I say to myself and start to think of the layout I will create with the pictures of that night.

I realized I have not posted very often to this blog and really I started this for scrapbooking and really have just chatted about my family and I. Well that is going to change. I am trying to get more serious about getting to all those supplies. A while back I set a goal for myself and posted it on the Ebay scrapbook forums, one of my favorite places to chats with my close friends I have made over the years. Well they all said this goal was quite high.
The goal=100 personal layouts and 25 things to sell which I will probably sell on Etsy instead of Feebay :) So I have made 2 things to sell and will list them soon. I also will be adding an Etsy mini to here after I do, to show all you my pretty creations. Ok so the goal seems crazy to my friends and family because along with the goal I said I needed to do this before I bought one more thing. See I am a collector of scrap supplies. I just got on a roll of buying and not creating and it needs to stop. I mean really I do want to preserve our memories and help others do the same. Its just SO HARD to use those pretty supplies sometimes. So have I bought anything? Yes, I am weak, already broke down and went to Joann's. I was going in just for a replacement blade for my paper trimmer (needed)but low and behold finally my J's had the grade and high school stacks in and YES they were 50% off so I just had to buy them. I have you know though that the one of the 2 things I created since though, I did use the one stack for! So see it was all in the name of business! LOL Thats my story and I am sticking to it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Colds

So Michael and I went to my parents this last weekend. Oh it was so nice I chatted with my mom and dad til the wee hours of the morning.

Well I first talked to my mom about my Great Aunt Lou. Found out some pretty cool stuff that I didn't know. Turns out she was the second to highest rank in the WAC.She told me all the places she was stationed and so fourth. Very interesting and have to say I need and want to hear more. However, my mom needed to get to bed and I was off to chat with my dad.

I found out that my dad was dreaming of moving somewhere warm. That he no longer snowmobiles or ice fishes and well who likes to shovel. LOL He asked if I ever thought of moving and I said after this last winter heck yeah! He asked what holds us back from just doing it. I said well to be honest dad you guys I love my family and don't want to be that far from you,mom and Tom (my brother)! He said that was what he was thinking too, how he would love to be somewhere near the ocean but could not stand to be that far from us.

Well so I awoke up so tired that next morning even though I did sleep in. I grabbed a cup of coffee which I never drink but seem to NEED up there all the time. Michael put on his pout that he wanted to have breakfast at the restaurant Nana works for so I caved in and I am glad I did. We ran into my honorary grandparents Neal and Anita well they were their in Jamaica to see Mike and I get married. Anita was also their for my first ultrasound with my mom and Mike so to see them made my day! I miss them oh so much they moved to Arkansas a while back so its been too long. We chatted a little and hugged and then it happened and I could not contain myself I just welled up with tears as they walked out the door. I thought maybe it was due to being over tired hormones gone crazy....but the ride home seemed like forever. I felt sick to my stomach thought maybe to much caffeine. When we finally pulled into our driveway I was so exhausted and just had no clue yet to why. I came in and went straight to my bed. Poor Hubby what a way to greet him huh. Sorry honey! He figured it out and came in, and chatted with me. He told me all the little tasks he had been up too while we were away. He kissed my forehead and said I have bad news buttercup you have a fever. UGH a Fever in Summer come on....but he was right and I was miserable. He fixed dinner and took care of me. My fever finally broke last night but ugh it was not fun and I hope that is over and done with for a long time! In the meantime I am so far behind on things.
One thing we missed was Michael soccer game on Monday. However, tonight we were there and Michael finally scored his first goal! This is his 4th year and we were so excited I threw up my arms and was like yes way to go kiddo and he looked over with the biggest smile! YIPPIE

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Ok first have to say this is an older picture we did not go go karting today but thats one thing DH and DS love to do. Of course, I like too also, but I would like to snap shots too of them racing! Well I can not believe it, I forgot to take my camera up north this weekend when visiting my parents. My mom bought my dad a swim raft for the lake. How totally cool is that? I mean not saying my parents are old by any means but how many 60 or close to 60 year olds buy swimming rafts? LOL My dad is a water bug always has been always will be. Thats one thing I share with him and have passed on to my DS as well.
Here is a picture of my dad aka "Papa" and Michael in the pool at Starfish Resorts in Jamaica. We generally were swimming in the ocean but this day we we hiding in shade, getting away from the sandy breeze. Ok, just have to say we helped get my parents swim raft in the lake, then we came home early in the morning and then had to proceed to put in the Water Trampoline in the pond so the weather was on our side.Here is DS last year when he took puppy Bella out on it.

Forgot to mention we went out to dinner ate like kings and queens. Then went out for a few drinks, played darts, danced and played music from the juke box.Just were enjoying our time together as a family! Ok so I hoped you all had a great Fathers Day weekend we sure did.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Procrastination one of my downfalls but which I am working on! I have been thinking sometime of this one project I wanted to make. Can't really say what it is because it is a gift for someone close to me, that may read this before they receive it and NO way do I want to spoil the surprise. Well this project is now complete and I feel SO much better. So why do we procrastinate? I think sometimes its a big project and might be overwhelming. It could be perhaps that we are truly perfectionists and have to have all the right information or supplies for the project we need to accomplish??? I have slowly tried to improve on this. One way I am doing this is when my brain thinks oh I will do that later.....I quickly jump on doing it now. For example; I was looking at my flower bed and it needed weeding so bad. DH loves to garden and in fact planted all my flowers in there that we received from family and friends!So naturally I just assume he will weed it.Well I thought I wanted this flower bed and I actually am planning on another one closer to our road. So why am I not helping to make this look gorgeous! So even though we had storms predicted any time there was a moment of sun I was out there pulling weeds like crazy. I also went as far as raking up all my mess too. Then I proceeded to pull weeds in the beach area and use the electric weed whacker too! I have to say it was pretty easy due to the rain loosing it up too! So little by little I am improving to get things done and it truly feels much better at the end of the day!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Its Time

Its time I finally post on this blog I made oh so long ago. I have sat here so many times thinking what do I write about. What will sound interesting to people visiting my blog. These thoughts have kept me from writing, because I get nervous. However, I realized I love to chat and I love to let people know whats going on with my family and myself. So with that said here I go and well its about time!
You should first know I am Amy and I have a wonderful husband of 11 years and a son Michael who is 10. We live in the country and well I truly love it! No we don't have pizza delivery out here but then again my body doesn't need the extra calories that might bring LOL. We are a pet loving family we have what my dear brother would say as a small ark. 2 dogs, 2 cats , 2 fish and 1 guinea pig. Coco is our oldest dog he is an Australian Shepard mix and loves to hang out in our swimming pond and herd fish. Bella our little princess girl is a Beagle, Basset hound, and black lab. I know what a combo huh :) You will generally see her trying to follow in Coco footsteps, which is annoying to him but yet he watches over his little sis!Then their is Peanut Butter.....PB for short. He is a Tabby and typical independent cat. Loves to roam and party but comes home to eat and crash for a bit. Sounds like a teenager huh? Then their is our baby boy Shadow he is a Himalayan and Oh so soft. He melts everybody's heart even to non cat lovers. Yes, I do prefer dogs but when hubby brought him home I was in love! Yes, you heard me right, my tough macho man is the biggest animal lover and could not say no to this little one. Shadow truly picked out daddy.... came walking right up to him and he just scooped him up and never put him down till he got home. Ok everyone say aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Ok then we have two beta fish Diamond and Pearl. We went to our friends wedding and well for center pieces were vases and the fish. Our sons godmother told us if we wanted to take one home we could. Well of course, the look on our sons face, was priceless and thats the end of that story.....then last but not least is Lilly Lou our sons guinea pig who knows my hubby's voice....and she will start squeaking at him, cause she knows he will break down and give her goodies aka lettuce!
Ok now that you know all that lives amongst me here in the country. Now you should know that I love to scrapbook....well currently love to collect supplies more then anything. That will soon change for I need to get serious for I told hubby I am going to try to make a business out of this. Which of course is named Paperkeepsakes:) I am currently selling on Ebay, Etsy and Ewaey all under the same name. I truly want to start creating a lot to build up my premade stock, to sell at a craft show that is held at the local HS before Christmas. A little nervous about that but I hope to get over that fear and go for it. Ok I think I may have said enough for the first day. Thanks for stopping in Bye !