Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Ok first have to say this is an older picture we did not go go karting today but thats one thing DH and DS love to do. Of course, I like too also, but I would like to snap shots too of them racing! Well I can not believe it, I forgot to take my camera up north this weekend when visiting my parents. My mom bought my dad a swim raft for the lake. How totally cool is that? I mean not saying my parents are old by any means but how many 60 or close to 60 year olds buy swimming rafts? LOL My dad is a water bug always has been always will be. Thats one thing I share with him and have passed on to my DS as well.
Here is a picture of my dad aka "Papa" and Michael in the pool at Starfish Resorts in Jamaica. We generally were swimming in the ocean but this day we we hiding in shade, getting away from the sandy breeze. Ok, just have to say we helped get my parents swim raft in the lake, then we came home early in the morning and then had to proceed to put in the Water Trampoline in the pond so the weather was on our side.Here is DS last year when he took puppy Bella out on it.

Forgot to mention we went out to dinner ate like kings and queens. Then went out for a few drinks, played darts, danced and played music from the juke box.Just were enjoying our time together as a family! Ok so I hoped you all had a great Fathers Day weekend we sure did.

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