Thursday, June 5, 2008

Its Time

Its time I finally post on this blog I made oh so long ago. I have sat here so many times thinking what do I write about. What will sound interesting to people visiting my blog. These thoughts have kept me from writing, because I get nervous. However, I realized I love to chat and I love to let people know whats going on with my family and myself. So with that said here I go and well its about time!
You should first know I am Amy and I have a wonderful husband of 11 years and a son Michael who is 10. We live in the country and well I truly love it! No we don't have pizza delivery out here but then again my body doesn't need the extra calories that might bring LOL. We are a pet loving family we have what my dear brother would say as a small ark. 2 dogs, 2 cats , 2 fish and 1 guinea pig. Coco is our oldest dog he is an Australian Shepard mix and loves to hang out in our swimming pond and herd fish. Bella our little princess girl is a Beagle, Basset hound, and black lab. I know what a combo huh :) You will generally see her trying to follow in Coco footsteps, which is annoying to him but yet he watches over his little sis!Then their is Peanut Butter.....PB for short. He is a Tabby and typical independent cat. Loves to roam and party but comes home to eat and crash for a bit. Sounds like a teenager huh? Then their is our baby boy Shadow he is a Himalayan and Oh so soft. He melts everybody's heart even to non cat lovers. Yes, I do prefer dogs but when hubby brought him home I was in love! Yes, you heard me right, my tough macho man is the biggest animal lover and could not say no to this little one. Shadow truly picked out daddy.... came walking right up to him and he just scooped him up and never put him down till he got home. Ok everyone say aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Ok then we have two beta fish Diamond and Pearl. We went to our friends wedding and well for center pieces were vases and the fish. Our sons godmother told us if we wanted to take one home we could. Well of course, the look on our sons face, was priceless and thats the end of that story.....then last but not least is Lilly Lou our sons guinea pig who knows my hubby's voice....and she will start squeaking at him, cause she knows he will break down and give her goodies aka lettuce!
Ok now that you know all that lives amongst me here in the country. Now you should know that I love to scrapbook....well currently love to collect supplies more then anything. That will soon change for I need to get serious for I told hubby I am going to try to make a business out of this. Which of course is named Paperkeepsakes:) I am currently selling on Ebay, Etsy and Ewaey all under the same name. I truly want to start creating a lot to build up my premade stock, to sell at a craft show that is held at the local HS before Christmas. A little nervous about that but I hope to get over that fear and go for it. Ok I think I may have said enough for the first day. Thanks for stopping in Bye !

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