Sunday, June 8, 2008


Procrastination one of my downfalls but which I am working on! I have been thinking sometime of this one project I wanted to make. Can't really say what it is because it is a gift for someone close to me, that may read this before they receive it and NO way do I want to spoil the surprise. Well this project is now complete and I feel SO much better. So why do we procrastinate? I think sometimes its a big project and might be overwhelming. It could be perhaps that we are truly perfectionists and have to have all the right information or supplies for the project we need to accomplish??? I have slowly tried to improve on this. One way I am doing this is when my brain thinks oh I will do that later.....I quickly jump on doing it now. For example; I was looking at my flower bed and it needed weeding so bad. DH loves to garden and in fact planted all my flowers in there that we received from family and friends!So naturally I just assume he will weed it.Well I thought I wanted this flower bed and I actually am planning on another one closer to our road. So why am I not helping to make this look gorgeous! So even though we had storms predicted any time there was a moment of sun I was out there pulling weeds like crazy. I also went as far as raking up all my mess too. Then I proceeded to pull weeds in the beach area and use the electric weed whacker too! I have to say it was pretty easy due to the rain loosing it up too! So little by little I am improving to get things done and it truly feels much better at the end of the day!

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