Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scrappy Soccer Mom

So when did I become the soccer mom? Oh it was a little over 4 years ago. I even drive the minivan which you all know is soccer mobile written all over it. What happened to the days driving around in my little VW convertible? Oh those days seem so long ago. Now don't get me wrong love watching my son play his little heart out. With my love of scrapbooking you know I have my camera in hand too. Of course, I forget it the night he makes the goals, but there will be more I say to myself and start to think of the layout I will create with the pictures of that night.

I realized I have not posted very often to this blog and really I started this for scrapbooking and really have just chatted about my family and I. Well that is going to change. I am trying to get more serious about getting to all those supplies. A while back I set a goal for myself and posted it on the Ebay scrapbook forums, one of my favorite places to chats with my close friends I have made over the years. Well they all said this goal was quite high.
The goal=100 personal layouts and 25 things to sell which I will probably sell on Etsy instead of Feebay :) So I have made 2 things to sell and will list them soon. I also will be adding an Etsy mini to here after I do, to show all you my pretty creations. Ok so the goal seems crazy to my friends and family because along with the goal I said I needed to do this before I bought one more thing. See I am a collector of scrap supplies. I just got on a roll of buying and not creating and it needs to stop. I mean really I do want to preserve our memories and help others do the same. Its just SO HARD to use those pretty supplies sometimes. So have I bought anything? Yes, I am weak, already broke down and went to Joann's. I was going in just for a replacement blade for my paper trimmer (needed)but low and behold finally my J's had the grade and high school stacks in and YES they were 50% off so I just had to buy them. I have you know though that the one of the 2 things I created since though, I did use the one stack for! So see it was all in the name of business! LOL Thats my story and I am sticking to it.

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