Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Colds

So Michael and I went to my parents this last weekend. Oh it was so nice I chatted with my mom and dad til the wee hours of the morning.

Well I first talked to my mom about my Great Aunt Lou. Found out some pretty cool stuff that I didn't know. Turns out she was the second to highest rank in the WAC.She told me all the places she was stationed and so fourth. Very interesting and have to say I need and want to hear more. However, my mom needed to get to bed and I was off to chat with my dad.

I found out that my dad was dreaming of moving somewhere warm. That he no longer snowmobiles or ice fishes and well who likes to shovel. LOL He asked if I ever thought of moving and I said after this last winter heck yeah! He asked what holds us back from just doing it. I said well to be honest dad you guys I love my family and don't want to be that far from you,mom and Tom (my brother)! He said that was what he was thinking too, how he would love to be somewhere near the ocean but could not stand to be that far from us.

Well so I awoke up so tired that next morning even though I did sleep in. I grabbed a cup of coffee which I never drink but seem to NEED up there all the time. Michael put on his pout that he wanted to have breakfast at the restaurant Nana works for so I caved in and I am glad I did. We ran into my honorary grandparents Neal and Anita well they were their in Jamaica to see Mike and I get married. Anita was also their for my first ultrasound with my mom and Mike so to see them made my day! I miss them oh so much they moved to Arkansas a while back so its been too long. We chatted a little and hugged and then it happened and I could not contain myself I just welled up with tears as they walked out the door. I thought maybe it was due to being over tired hormones gone crazy....but the ride home seemed like forever. I felt sick to my stomach thought maybe to much caffeine. When we finally pulled into our driveway I was so exhausted and just had no clue yet to why. I came in and went straight to my bed. Poor Hubby what a way to greet him huh. Sorry honey! He figured it out and came in, and chatted with me. He told me all the little tasks he had been up too while we were away. He kissed my forehead and said I have bad news buttercup you have a fever. UGH a Fever in Summer come on....but he was right and I was miserable. He fixed dinner and took care of me. My fever finally broke last night but ugh it was not fun and I hope that is over and done with for a long time! In the meantime I am so far behind on things.
One thing we missed was Michael soccer game on Monday. However, tonight we were there and Michael finally scored his first goal! This is his 4th year and we were so excited I threw up my arms and was like yes way to go kiddo and he looked over with the biggest smile! YIPPIE

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