Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tomorrow starts a new month.......

Oct 1st tomorrow. With a new month a new start. Time to get back on track exercising and scrapping. I already planned my menu for dinner for the whole month and shopped for it too so maybe that will free my mind of "whats for dinner?" September brought a lot of fall cleaning and a week long visit with my little niece.

This month I hope brings more of a creative mind which in turn gets my creative fingers moving to create some scrapbook treasures. I also hope it brings on the weight loss too.

I am joining in on a challenge to help someone out, be nice and kind, or do even something good for the environment. This I feel is a very good idea! Thanks Barbie. One thing My Ds and I have noticed is how angry people look all the time when out shopping and about. Why? I know everyone has there bad days but this is more than that. I know times are tough and everyone has their battles of their own they are fighting.......but I sure would love to do something to make more people smile and realize that life is a gift and to live in the "present" because it is just that a present!
Ok thats all for this girl Night Night Lights out.........

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