Monday, November 10, 2008


Well I am on the computer enough but yet seem to forget to blog. I have great news! So I made this Haunted House Halloween album. Listed it on Ebay had a few watchers but no sale placed it on Etsy and voila it sold! How cool is that, now payment was a little slow, but hey I got my First SALE!! So on to more good news went on to make a pumpkin album and also listed a Christmas band aid tin and sold both on ebay.

Ok I went up north this past weekend to work on a project for my grandparents 60th anniversary. Talk about going down memory lane. So many pictures so little time. I am really wanting to scrap them all someday but I really do think I will have to get into digital too. I heard this is a lot faster way to scrap and although I could never replace my bumping texture touch feely scrapbooks I do like the way digital has progressed. I did play around with a page the other day having no clue where to begin but have played a lot in my Paint Shop Pro enough to know the basics. I can see getting very addicted to this. Ok I think I will have to post some of these pictures of times past tomorrow.