Friday, March 27, 2009

I have news

Ok maybe I am just not the blog person.LOL

I have news though I am pregnant almost 16 weeks along will be going in for my ultrasound soon to see how this little Jellybean is doing and maybe get to find out if I need to buy pink or perhaps blue. I seem to like girl names more then boy names really having a difficult time coming up with a boy name I like.

I have not been scrapping as I have had some issues with pain, spotting and was sooooooooooo so tired. The tiredness seems to be leaving a bit and am doing ok some pains but the spotting thank goodness is gone, hopefully for good now. So I am trying to get my house back in order and then get back to scrapping since I need to work on DS pictures before there is another little one to scrap. I also want to list more stuff to sell so I can buy little clothes, toys and of course diapers LOL galore. So I will say I will blog more often but we know how that goes don't we. :)

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