Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's a Girl!

Yup I just knew I would forget my blog yet again......someday I might just be a hard core blogger. Anyways yes we got our little girl coming. I could not believe it when she first said it was a girl but then they got another shot of her and they said it for sure is a girl and explained the picture as to why they could tell. I tell you they are good at figuring out those pictures.
So I have been slowly shopping here and there for her and her new little nursery. I came to decide on a butterfly/flower theme. I got so lucky shopping some garage sales a little over a week ago and got the most perfect crib bedding set. I will be taking pictures of her room soon just need to hang some stuff on the wall and I will snap some to share.
So it is Memorial Day weekend and we had a blast today we took our son to the pizza factory, he just loves that place, and then we did a little shopping and picked up some malts/shakes for the ride home. We then did a family movie night. On the downside hubby just got called into work to fix something so I decided to hop online.
I have not been on much lately...... which in reality has been nice. I have been getting a lot of deep cleaning and organizing done.
So my son is almost done with school he will soon be the big 6th grader. Wow how time flies by. I do have to say with all the fun activities they have planned before classes are finally out he might as well be done now. LOL He gets to go bowling, going to the zoo, a talent type show they are working on as well as practicing for the big school track and field yea with all this going on how much school work is really getting done? I guess they all need this end of the year release and the longer he is in school the more my house is getting and staying clean too.
So I need to start scrapping again.......sheesh can't not believe I always put that off too. I am starting with a mini album for a friend and her baby shower that is coming up soon. Hopefully that gets me on a roll to scrap family pictures too and more. ok enough said for one night off to guitar hero jam with son LOL

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