Thursday, June 11, 2009

Doctors appointments and more.....

Well today I had my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. They also checked to see if I was anemic and I am needing more iron but that was not to bad yet. However, guess the first glucose test showed I was elevated so that means I get to go back tomorrow morning for a 3 hour test! UGH They told me I could bring my laptop, or a book or people watch but I should stay seated as much as possible in between all the times I have to have my blood drawn. Which is 4 times OUCH! Hopefully I will pass tomorrow and not have to worry about it but if not that means off to see a dietitian to tell me what I need to know to about what I am allowed to eat and drink etc.....oh fun!

She is a little mover in there and we heard her little fast heartbeat at 160 again which is always music to me ears. I am also to the stage where I need to go to appointments every 2 weeks now. Who knows if that will increase if I do in fact have Gestational Diabetes guess I will find out more tomorrow.

Well Michael is officially had his last day of 5th grade and is off for summer vacation. His dad and him are building a outside wood fort to play in so far looking like a lot of fun. He is wanting to see the 3D movie UP that's out and well that sounds good to me so will have to see how Dads schedule looks like and do a 3 musketeer date night soon:) Of too pick up the house sure I will come back sometime tomorrow to fill in on the new results of the tests.

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