Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

Wow has it been hot! 93 with humidity today. So that means living in the pond and pulling weeds, swimming, raking the sand area. Michael had a friend over for the last 3 days so that was nice for him to keep busy and entertained. We dropped him off then ran to buy more stuff for the pond. I think we are set for toys this season and then some.
So the second 3 hour long glucose tests came back in the normal range this time so that was a nice relief. My next Dr. appt is this Thur morning. I now have moved up to having to go every 2 weeks. So that means I am getting closer to her little birthday YIPPIE. I do still have a lot I want to do before she comes but am sure getting to the point where her coming a little early would be nice too. LOL
Thats about it not much to chat about I guess........

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