Monday, June 1, 2009

Track Day

My son had his school class track day.He raced in the 600 dash the 800 dash and did the high jump. When he came home a few weeks and told me what he was participating well I was quite nervous for him. See I was in Track and Field for a few years and well I know I have a very hard time running long distance and to me that is anything over 400 dash.Well anyways he proved my worries were for nothing the kid jumped pretty good for not being tall and he actually WON the 600 dash. He did pretty well in the 800 too considering he was pretty tired still from the 600 he gave it his all and he is so excited to get those ribbons. Watching my friends daughter run her races was fun too she did great too. Can not believe they are growing up so fast. I still remember crying at his first day of school.......his first school play.......but watching him race today shows me what a strong boy he is becoming.I also watched at how polite he and my friends daughter are. That made both of us beam proud at them. Overall what a fun day hanging out with my friend watching our kids have fun too:)

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