Friday, July 10, 2009

More Family

I can not believe I forgot to post this! Yesterday we met some more of Mikes family. His half sister Melanie stopped with her boyfriend. We chatted for a few hours before they took off and oh they are so darn to earth and real it was very refreshing to share some laughs with them.

Melanie was born before Mike on his Dads side so Mike has known her I just have never met her nor had our son Michael. They live in Texas and were up for a class reunion and to visit long lost family member's. Its weird hearing her talk about Mikes dad knowing that Mike has only seen him a few times and I never have probably never will. Melanie didn't want to admit to Mike but I guess he does look a lot like his father and she said Mark might even look more so. They might be stopping back here on Sat to go to the party with us too!


Ok So I had my ultrasound done on Monday and had my regular appointment on Tuesday where they did inform me that I have gallstones. A few moving ones that are just floating around in there and then a bigger one that seems to be stationary. Either way like I expected nothing they can do till little Miss Emily is born.

Just trying to keep busy and get things done before little Emily enters the world. The boys sanded the picnic table then we all primed and painted it. Looks so much better! I also finished sanding the bassinet base one last time and primed that. Now just needs a coat of paint a voila that can be put in her room too and be done!So I am getting to check things of that dreaded to do list! YIPPIE.

Tomorrow is my nephews graduation party, 18th birthday party, and send off to the Navy:( I hate that he has joined while we are at war but not much say here just have to hope and pray that he along with everyone else in the troops comes back safe and sound! I am proud of him for wanting to do this but man will I worry for him too.

Well soccer has officially started this week and so far they tied the first game and unfortunately lost the second. Michael sure looks like he is having a lot of fun though and there will be lots more games.I have been talking to Molly's mom aka Laura there which is so nice to have a mom to chit chat with!We met up at McDonalds after the game on Wednesday and Michael had a friend who came to watch the game with us. So 3- 11 year olds all hyped up with energy after the game and boy the laughs we had watching those goofballs. I have to say I was glad we went outside to eat because I think we may have just gotten kicked out of the place otherwise. They were doing no harm really just being silly normal fun kids!LOL

Well I better get off to do some chores around here.....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th July

Happy 4th of July!

Well this past Tuesday I was in pain and my friend told me to call the nurse just to see what they think. Well now on Monday morning I am off to see if it is my gallbladder that is causing havoc in there along with Emily kicking it. So yet another ultrasound but this is a gallbladder one so no eating or drinking after midnight which will be easier then drinking a ton of water and not going to the bathroom. So I asked my mom questions about it and read online too in case that's what it really is and looks as if I need or should stay away from fatty foods that can trigger an attack. I also read that chances are I will just deal with at least until after little Emily is welcomed into this world. Although this is all hear say really......may not be that at all.

I signed up for a challenge at my local scrapbook store and I need to get busy on working on the double layout to take to show them on Tuesday. Even though the store is on the north side of Wausau and with all the construction I would hate to see them leave so I am making a point to get up there more and shop!

Well not much else going on except that I was handy woman this week and put together Emily's little shelf unit that the baskets I got a while ago go on. The shelf unit had been on back order.
So now I am staring at her room trying to decide if I want to rearrange some furniture before I hang stuff up on her walls. The room just doesn't flow well I don't think right now. Here is a little look at how it is going though.