Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Life has Changed Soooooo Much!

Emily Lynn was born Sept 25th and my world has changed. She is just like a chubby cheek porcelain doll. She is a truly blessing after years of trying then losing one to a miscarriage I thought we would never be blessed again. A few more years and I have been.She is already 4 months old in a few days and well although I love her oh so much why am I in tears as I write this.......because I had no idea how hard this would be. I know babies are not easy. I have a son who just turned 12 and also for a few years ran a in-home daycare. Maybe it is that I am older now and was so accustomed to my life??? She has had colic no mistaking that I do believe she has out grown that stage but yet she still cry's and fights naps tooth and nail. I am actually thinking to myself that I need to get a full-time job outside the home just to get that time away everyday to enjoy her most moms that makes no sense I know. To any mom who spends there days with a full hands on baby you just might. I do wish prior to her I did not procrastinate my time away. It amazes me how a little baby has changed me so much in that one aspect of my life. I made to do lists so I would get things done and yet I figured I had time so on to something else. I would start many of projects and never seem to finish them and if I did it too way longer then necessary. Well now I don't take time for granted she cat naps for 20-35 min increments so I rush to get little things done in that time and its frustrating knowing all the time I wasted in the past that I can't get back. My son was so easy yea he did for a while have his nights and days mixed up a bit but you could take him anywhere and he was just so happy. My sweet Emm sleeps very well at night for a 4 month old..... but the cat naps are killing me and when she isn't napping she wants me to hold or watch her be super near her and I have to figure something out to change. I bought the Baby Whisperer solves all your problems so I am starting to read this and get her started on the 4 hour EASY routine so far not going to well. If only she would sleep more then 30 min at a time......ok gotta run she is calling.......

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