Tuesday, April 27, 2010

They just keep growing....

Emily just keeps growing up on us. She is finally crawling forward. She had to wait till her Uncle Tommy came up so he could see first hand how big she has become. She went after his feet while he was sitting in the recliner :) so cute. She now has her 2 bottom teeth and she seems like she is waving buh bye at times. This is such a exciting age for her and us too and I will so miss this so much.

Michaels lip is healing well from his skateboard accident. It did show up on his spring pictures but it just tells a story for who he was in 6th grade....
He went to the school dance last Friday and slowed danced with a girl....boy do I feel old now just yesterday he was learning to crawl right???ok that was his sister but I still remember all those milestones for him too and his continue to grow as well. Soon he will be ending school as a 6th grader and moving on to 7th oh my how time flys!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

So on this day of observing the Earth and learning new ways to go green I purchased these new fabric magic cloths at the store. So far so GREAT no cleaners are to be used which is defiantly green! I have been trying so many things lately to get my windows looking crystal clean. I have tried newspaper print for wiping and coffee filters which does help to leave them lint free but not 100% clear in my eyes. I tried a mix of water, vinegar and teaspoon of detergent as I read online worked well but now I am bragging up these cloths. They are all over the place online, ebay, and well I found mine at the local Menards store. All you use is water.....and you can toss in the washer when dirty. Although no fabric softener or fabric sheets are to be used then. So besides using my cloths line and my HE front loading washer to do laundry today these cloths rock! Go Green and Happy Earth Day Everyday!