Friday, May 7, 2010

Growing like weeds

I just can not believe how fast she is growing up! She stood up the other day well pulled herself up to a stand with the recliner and she just keeps doing it. She will be a early walker like her big brother. With all the crawling she is starting to lose her pudginess too. That too she is just growing out of her clothes faster then she can even wear them.I know her big brother didn't grow that fast he was always in the size of his age she is already in 12 months!

Speaking of big brother he went to the movies with his friend who just happens to be a girl! yup got himself a little girlfriend they went with 2 other couples to see what else then Date Night. He said it was super funny. While he was out on his "date" Daddy, Emily and I went to Sams Club and El Mezacal our favorite Mexican restaurant! Yum.

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